Deskercises you can do at work

With the digital era conquering the world, every business now a days happens on computers. We are sitting in front of our computers for 9 hours daily which not only gives us a hard time but also ruins our health to an extend. Besides this a desk bound job leads to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits too.

Since we also sit in front of our computers for long so here are some exercises  that we do in between deadlines and meeting. They are not time consuming  and can be easily done at your workplace. ‘

Standing workout:

      • Walk around your office. This is a very good exercise as it helps you to stretch your legs after sitting at one place for hours. It also helps improve blood circulation in the legs.
      • Get hold of your desk or a table and just raise your heels and then slowly lower them. This exercise will help your calf muscles ease a little.
      • Standing and sitting down on your chair is another exercise to help you relax your legs. Repeat this at least 10 times and thrice a day.
      • To improve your blood circulation in your arms, you can stand in front of fixed furniture or whatever you find comfortable and do a few standing pushups.


  • While resting your back on a wall, slowly move your feet away from the wall and try to hold that position. The wall should only be supporting the weight of your back. Repeat this exercise a few times.
  • Chair squats are also an amazing exercise. All you need to do is raise your butt off of your chair and hold the position for as long as you can.

Sitting workout:

    • Keep your heels firmly on the ground and lift your toes.
    • Try to lift your left leg while keeping your knee at a 90 degree angle. Try to hold this position as long as possible. Repeat the same process with your right leg as well.
    • You can also try doing leg extension while seated. You just need to raise your left leg and try to get it to the level of your hips. Hold this position for a while. Repeat the same with your right leg.


  • If you type all day long, then to relax your fingers, make a fist and spread your fingers. Repeat this a few times.
  • Stretch your shoulders as high as possible, then roll them forward and backward. This is called a shoulder shrug exercise.
  • Sitting all day in front of a computer can give a hard time to your neck. Neck rotation exercises are very important. Lower your chin and roll your neck. You can also raise your chin and bend your neck left and right.



These exercises are not time consuming or expensive but helps you to relax your sore muscles.