Things journalism students are tired of hearing

Tired of hearing/pixabay
Tired of hearing/pixabay

I’ve been studying journalism for three years now and I still can’t forget what a hassle it was to enter this field. It was my interest probably that never let the enthusiasm break down but I’ve to admit there are many mean things that people say to anyone in the field of journalism. Here are few things that I being a journalism student is tired of hearing.

1) What do you even study?

Well, I’m personally tired of hearing this over and over again. I fail to understand what makes people think that we as aspiring journalists have nothing legitimate to study and all our degrees are a baseless means to get jobs. Try studying about History and Geography and affairs around the world with fashion and entertainment and then write eleven papers in a row. It isn’t a fool’s paradise, you see?

2) Good luck getting a job!

The field can be struggling but that doesn’t mean there are no jobs for us. There’s a whole world being run by media. Plus people need to understand that times are changing and media and journalism are fields that are actually respected and expected to pick up growth in the coming years.


3) It’s only glamour

 Journalism is such a vast field, it’s practically impossible to assess all the factors. You’ve got no idea about how much sweat and blood goes into presenting the smallest piece of news or programme. So glamour would definitely be the last thing on our lists.

4) When will we see you on TV!?

Chances are- Never! Journalism is so much more about holding a mike and standing in front of a burning building on a television screen. You have radio and films, audio and direction, photography, writing, camera- a lot more that just dreaming about getting on TV.


5) Anyone can be a journalist

 It not only takes a certain level of interest but also takes a lot of effort and a great deal of strength to wear your heart out and collect what you need for your report. So, yes, anyone can write and be good at it- agreed but not everyone can be a journalist.

Let us know if you too are tired of hearing all this.