Things one should never do at work

When at work one should always focus on work rather than thinking anything else. Working is something that brings pressure as well as responsibilities that one has to perform. We all know what we’re supposed to do in office but there are certain things that should always be avoided while at work . So if you want to succeed on the job, here few bad habits to avoid at you workplace.

Spread rumours

Spreading rumors against your coworkers can never be accepted, neither by them nor by your boss. Thus, gossip should always be avoided to make sure that it does not kill your job. Rumors always lead to bad outcomes so stay away from them to maintain your image.


Disrupt others from work

Disrupting others from work shows how un-focused you are to your work. Besides this it also mean that you lack in work ethics and at times annoys others too.

Bully or harass

You should never struggle or stop yourself in giving respect to others even if they are smaller than you. It’s when you give respect, you get some.

Too much complains

It’s seriously unfortunate on the part of the workers to complain too much about the place they work in. One should always be happy with what they have as too much-complaining leads to reducing trust on you. You should complain for the right reason and at the right time to get a positive response rather than complaining all the time.


Give birth to conspiracies

Conspiracies creation leads to showing how low in morale you are. Work as a team and  to be straight forward and solving problems within yourself for a  happy working environment.


Bringing in politics not only ruins the office environment but leads to many other troubles as well. Try to talk to your seniors rather than indulging in political games. ! Also never back stab your coworker for progress and increment rather work hard for success.

Dress in-appropriately

An office is a place that demands perfectness, especially in dressing and presentation so avoid wearing too much makeup and heavy clothes at work . Be formal and avoid excessive  perfume and glittery clothes. If you don’t have a particular dress code than enjoy wearing anything but appropriately .

Illegal works

This comes as the most important thing as any illegal activity brings a big trouble with it. Avoid any such activity that is immoral as well as illegal.

Dare not ignore your boss’s warnings

Always hear your boss’s warnings and keep them in your mind. Remember ‘boss is always right’.


Some other office etiquette  

Don’t get or order smelly food at work.

Don’t go out for long lunch breaks.

Avoid surfing social media for long hours.

Avoid personal telephonic conversations and plans.

Keep your space a mess.