Ways to deal with workplace harassment!

Here are ways to some ways to tackle workplace harassment :

Recently the #Metoo was in the trend which was posted by many women and it highlighted a grim reality. The reality that sexual harassment exists across all spheres of life. And we are shocked to see that almost every girl posted the #MeToo and still there are women who were not comfortable posting this truth on their social feeds.


Harassment of any kind is wrong, especially workplace harassment and bullying. Sexual harassment includes inappropriate touch or bad behavior and nonsexual harassment is creating problems in your work and business.

The types don’t matter, harassment is unethical and you should stand against it. Most employers stay quiet and do not raise a voice against it because of the fear of losing their job or reputation, but bearing a crime is worse than doing it. You should always report it and fight against anything that makes you uncomfortable. Here are some ways by which you can deal with workplace harassment and bully.

  • Understand the bullying

You must know what bullying is and how the person can harm you. It is not important that you bond with everyone at the work. The first step is to observe the behavior which you find strange and then notice things which might be happening with you outside of work. The most important thing is not to ignore the feeling of being bullied.

  • Stop them

I know this is difficult but you must take the action, right at the moment. Do some act or gestures which show them that you feel uncomfortable. Also, you should communicate with them and try to tell them to stop. Most predators get scared upon a public confrontation.

  • Keep records

If the harasser is in a superior position than you, he will surely try to protect himself at the time of confrontation by attacking your work performance. To deal with it you must keep records/ copies of your work, documents, letters and job evaluation.

  • Discuss with friends

If you feel discussing this problem with friends is a safe option then you must go for it. Share it with the trusted ones and ask for their opinions. Maybe some of the other employees are undergoing the situation as you.

  • Go to the HR / Management team

If the problem doesn’t solve even after asking them to stop, you should immediately go and talk to your HR person or manager. Setup a meeting with them and describe them every incident and give them all the proofs that you have and ask them to take some action. Do not feel shy, be strong and take this step.

  • Follow up

Even after forwarding the problem to your seniors the bullying still continues, then once again go to them and do follow-up. Keep talking to them until the time they take any action or provide you with a solution.

  • Self improvement

After the action is taken against the bully, try to forget that bad phase of your life and work on self-improvement. Indulge yourself in some activities outside work like reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends and the best option is to go on a vacation.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your workplace? How do you tackle issues as sensitive as this?