What not to do in the office!

When we enter the working world, we have so many thoughts and questions that occupy our brain. It’s a new world that we enter and we have loads of doubts for which we even at times go online in search for answers. On the internet, all people talk about are the things one should do in the office.

Many people talk about what one should do in the office but no one talks about the things we should avoid doing.So we at AAW are going to tell you what you should not do in an office.

• The most important thing to keep in mind is NOT TO BE LOUD. You do not want to be known as the person whose volume is always high. Colleagues find loud people annoying and irritating. Do not listen to loud music or get loud while talking; be soft and simple.


Do not be loud
Do not be loud/ freedigitalphotos

• Everyone hates the person who looks into other people’s screens. Peeing and snooping into other’s work is simply rude and obnoxious. No matter what, control the urge of you looking into someone else’s screen and save yourself from embarrassment.

No peeping
No peeping/ freedigitalphotos

• It’s very normal to take a pen or a folder from the office, but do not make stealing a habit. If you get caught while in act it can embarrassing as well as punishable.

• Everyone’s got problems. You are not the only one with personal issues so its stupid and highly unprofessional to discuss personal issues at work. So refrain yourself from talking about it with your colleagues.

Do not share personal problems
Do not share personal problems/ freedigitalphotos

• If you want to be liked by your colleagues rather than being bitched about, then do no walk around the office like you own the place. There is a boss in the office and people do not want another one on their head. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is a sin. Be polite and genuine towards others, rather than throwing your weight around.

• Do not play the blame game in the office. It is not right and ethical to put the blame on others for your mistake. If in a bad situation, find an alternate way rather than blaming it on others or lying.

Do not play blame game
Do not play blame game / freedigitalphotos

• Try and avoid getting involved in GOSSIP. It’s very normal to hear a few things about your colleagues, but try and not be the person who starts the gossip. Do not bitch about others, and avoid being called the Gossip Queen.

Do not gossip
Do not gossip/ freedigitalphotos

We hope these tips help you to adjust in a new office and make new friends. In the starting things might be a little scary, but be yourself and simple; and everything will be fine.