5 ways to burn fat at work

Take those stairs. ImageSource: Freepiks

Work for most Indian women, means sitting in front of the computer for endless hours. Breaks are usually a quick stroll across the office for coffee or water. This sedentary lifestyle has lead to a plethora of health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and vision loss. Women also face increased risks of obesity and heart diseases due to this inactive lifestyle. ‘It’s difficult to find ample workout time with a full time job’. This is the most common excuse women give. Here are some easy tips to tone that flab and lose weight while at work!

Park away from office: The best excuse for getting some walk. Just make sure you have some extra time to walk or else you may end up sprinting to work! You will burn calories before and after work by walking to and from the parking lot. If you have a basement parking lot, park on the lowest floor and take the stairs.

Take the stairs: You have heard it over and over this time try it: skip the elevator and walk up to your floor. Stairs are an amazing way to burn calories and tone leg muscles.

Use office furniture for exercises: Try office yoga. Do leg lifts while in your chair to work your abdominal muscles. Bring your legs up until they are almost perpendicular with your body and hold for five seconds, working your way up to 15 seconds or more.

Sit up straight: This basic advice is essential in maintaining physical fitness. Slouching promotes bad habits and an inactive lifestyle. Proper position uses your abdomen, lower back and butt muscles. It strengthens them and promotes better circulation that will leave you with more energy to work.

Make a group of fitness freaks or the ones who need exercise and stay motivated.