Tips to keep healthier Navaratri fasts

Things you must keep in mind to remain healthy this Navaratri:

The most auspicious festive time is here! Navaratri is here. Many of us to appease Goddess Durga fast for all 9 days. Though fasting means not having food like you usually eat but, some people just can’t control their hunger and gain unnecessary weight during this time. Thus, here we have listed down some tips that will help you in better digestion and, also keep you healthy this Navaratri.

  • The most important thing that you must take care of is, do not starve yourself, eat but in small proportions.
  • Instead of making Kuttu puris go for its chapattis and also, stuff them with vegetables like lauki, not potato. They are comparatively easier to digest.

  • Drink healthy drinks like coconut water, lime water without salt, green tea and buttermilk. They will keep the stomach full and also control hunger pangs.
  • Mix more of fibrous vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, capsicum, bottle guard, etc with potatoes and sabudana.

  • Instead of deep-frying the kuttu ki Tikki or pakoras, look for options where you can simply cook them on a non- stick pan or air fry them.
  • If you have digestion issues then don’t go for Kuttu atta. Cook Samak rice if you want to stay healthy. They are yummy and can be prepared in many forms sweet, salty, etc.

  • Whenever you feel hungry, eat fruits, raita, dates, dry fruits, roasted faux nuts and skip the options of those fast namkeens as they are high in salt and fat.
  • Substitute sugar with jaggery or honey.

  • Use skimmed milk instead of full cream milk.
  • Mild dehydration can result in fatigue, dry mouth, thirst, and headache so drink enough fluid on a fast.

  • Have enough protein as it will help minimize muscle loss and keep your appetite in check.
  • Do not skip breakfast, do have paneer cutlets or sabudana khichadi, it will help you in staying full for long hours.