Weight loss tips according to your sun sign

How to lose weight quicker based on your sun sign

Weight loss and your sun sign/weheartit
Weight loss and your sun sign/weheartit

Every girl wants to have a perfect figure and to achieve that weight loss is the most common New Year resolution among many.  So for all those who are trying hard to lose some kilos but are not satisfied with the results, AAW  tells you some weight loss tips according to your Zodiac so try them and see the results:

Aries: Aries are natural athletes so they excel at boxing and martial arts as they allow them to work up a sweat. You’re well served by putting a greater emphasis on your exercise regimen than your diet. Work out like an athlete and you should be able to eat like one as well.

Taurus:  Taureans don’t tend to enjoy the process of losing weight – but they definitely enjoy the results, so every 2 kilos they lose they buy themselves a new outfit as an incentive. If you’re more of the earthy Taurus than the material girl, then make sure to take your workouts into nature as they are more rejuvenating.

Work out
Work out

Gemini: Being a Gemini you need variety so mix up your workouts. Play tennis on Sunday, try Pilates on Monday and so on. Besides this use success stories in fitness magazines as an inspiration for you to get up and get moving.

Cancer: Cancerians love home-based workout program and when it comes to dieting, it’s vital that they get family involved. If their loved ones are not participating or supporting the healthy eating habits, it will be difficult for them to lose weight.

Leo: Leos have fun with their exercise routine and dance classes are an outstanding way for you to get your body moving – salsa, hip-hop, and even pole dancing all offer calorie-burning benefits.

Virgo: Being much disciplined Virgos thrive with a tight regimen. Diets that clearly outline what they can and can’t eat are perfect for them, as they can stick to rules like no other.

Detox diet/freedigitalphotos
Detox diet/freedigitalphotos


Libra: The best way to lose weight is to enlist the help of a friend that is able to push and support at the same time. You notoriously have a hard time with decisions, so a diet that doesn’t offer too many options will work well for you.

Scorpio: Scorpios need to push themselves to their limits. Training for a marathon will do wonders for your weight-loss ambitions. You are also big fans of the detox diet but just make sure that when you are ‘detoxifying,’ you’re not starving yourself.

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Sagittarius: Archery is always a favourite of Sagittarius signs and when it comes to diet, try to avoid too much sugar and caffeine, as you naturally have a lot of energy – you don’t need to put it into overdrive.

Capricorn: Weight training and running are excellent activities for Capricorns. Diets that are straightforward and goal-oriented work well for them.

Aquarius:  When it comes to eating, Aquarians are best when they follow their own instincts, as they know when they are overdoing it. They should consider themselves lucky as they have more willpower than the average person.

Pisces :  When it comes to dieting, be gentle with yourself and avoid processed foods. Yoga and swimming are perfect for the meditative Pisces and just because you’re not grimacing or grunting doesn’t mean you’re not getting benefits from your workout.