10 amazing facts about wine


A recent study has revealed that wine ups the survival chances of women with breast cancer.

Wine has often been in news for its benefits and ailing properties. Here are some amazing facts about your favourite tipple.

  1. Champagne is a name of province in France. Champagne means open country. The EU law has decided that any wine made outside this province cannot be called champagne.
  2. Wine adds flavour or synergy to food. Wine with food gives a third flavour. Like white wine compliments white meat and fish and reds compliment red meat.
  3. A standard glass of red or white wine has only 110 calories! Sweeter the wine, more the calories.
  4. Women get drunk on wine quicker than men as women have a thinner stomach lining that metabolises alcohol.


  5. Women who drink wine daily are more sexually active.
  6. Drinking wine reduces many diseases like alzheimer’s, stroke, gun problems and heart problems.
  7. The saying ‘drinking to one’s health’ or cheers arose as in ancient Greece, the party host would drink the wine first to check if it was poisoned. Thus this saying arose.
  8. Early Roman women could be killed by their husbands or divorced if they were found drinking wine!
  9. Always hold the wine glass by the stem. Holding the bowl transfers the heat of your hand and raises the temperature of wine.
  10. Many wines expire. Commercially made wines are fit for drinking only for some years. Very few wines last over a decade.