10 best ways to reduce stress in pregnancy

Pregnant Lady/pexel
Pregnant Lady/pexel

Pregnancy is in reality a mixed bag of feeling, yes the expectation of making a baby is beautiful but sometimes changes (in your body, emotionally, financially) make it difficult for a woman to adjust and cause much stress. Sometimes the pregnancy hormones can make you stressed, depressed or crying like crazy!  Stress can cause havoc to the developing baby so here are our top stress reducing tips for expectant mum’s-to-be:

Stress Reduction Tip 1: Laugh all you can

Laughter is a great way to reduce stress during pregnancy. Laughter releases chemicals that improve our mood and help us feel better. Take time during your pregnancy to watch comedy shows (Comedy nights with Kapil?) or some nice rom-com movies (Kangna’s Queen is amazing). Spend a quiet evening watching these movies, personally we will suggest you refrain from watching all those saas-bahu telly soaps which will increase stress.

Stress Reduction Tip 2:  Meet people you like

If you enjoy the company of a certain group of friends over others, it is ok. Pregnancy can really be weird, sometimes you might hate a set of people and judge them harshly (believe us it is the hormones). Invite friends or family you enjoy being with. Tell them to come over to your home and visit you. Support, socialising, chatting and laughter can take away the stress and stop you from focusing on mundane scary things!

Also having a friend you can lean on (or tell your mum-to-be fears to can be a great support).

Sleep Well
Sleep Well

Stress Reduction Tip 3: Rest as much as you can

Sometimes a few hours of sleep and comfort and calm you down like nothing else. Pregnant women often do not feel comfortable and become more prone to stress if they have not slept well. Catch up with all the dozing you can, as feel exhausted adds to stress.

Plus, once the little one is here your sleep will get compromised, so better to get some extra right now.

Stress Reduction Tip 4: Talk about it

Sometimes the best way to ease up worries is to talk them out clearly with your partner and tell them what’s causing you this stress. Whether you are worried about your baby, the latest tests, or if you will be a good parent, discuss with your partner. You can turn to your friends also for support and if you still want answers don’t be shy of questioning your doctor. These discussions can be a great support than thinking and stressing without answers.

Stress Reduction Tip 5: Eat well

Eating well and healthy food as it is good for your mind and your body. A healthy diet which includes plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, can uplift your mood.

It’s thought that the essential amino acid called tryptophan can raise levels of the chemicals melatonin and serotonin in your brain. Melatonin and serotonin are responsible for boosting sleep and your mood. Tryptophan is found naturally in many foods, like nuts and seeds.

A good diet includes fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy products, lean meat and poultry, grains and vegetables.

Stress Reduction Tip 6: Walking

Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy. Check with your doctor about taking walks. Taking a normal to brisk walk in the mornings before work will make you feel refreshed, one at night aids better sleep. Walking also decreases stress. However, avoid walking alone, take your partner along and if you feel breathless or tired do not over-exert.

Stress Reduction Tip 7: Write to your baby or keep a journal

Many women find it useful and fun to keep a pregnancy journal. You don’t have to be a writer to keep one. Just write things which interest you or all you thought about the baby that day. Buy a nice colorful notebook ad star jotting down your fears, happiness, and thoughts about the baby. Not only will this de-stress you, one day when your child is older you can share it with them.

Some women find that writing letters to their unborn baby is comforting. You can write these letters on paper or on your cell phone. Writing letters to the baby is a great way to let out your fears. You can keep them, email them to the baby or throw/delete them later.

Stress Reduction Tip 8: Drink lots of water

Water helps our bodies stay healthy. During pregnancy dehydration from morning sickness or loss of appetite can be troublesome. Drinking water also helps reduce stress because your body will have plenty of fluids. Water consumption also eliminates toxins that cause stress.

Stress Reduction Tip 9: Switch to comfortable clothes

Too often in the name of fashion or fitting into old clothes, pregnant women try to wear clothing that is too tight. Comfortable clothing is important during pregnancy as it will allow you to move more freely and stay relaxed during the day. Also pay attention that your shoes fit well and are easy to walk in during the pregnancy as feet often increase due to water retention. Comfortable clothing will make you focus less on your pregnancy weight gain.

Hit to a salon to beat stress during pregnancy
Hit to a salon to beat stress during pregnancy

Stress Reduction Tip 10: Hit the mall or salon

For most women retail therapy or a day of pampering equals tranquility (believe me!). So get your bestie and hit a mall for some shopping, you can shop for your baby or pick some essentials you will use in the pregnancy or later. Book yourself a hair spa or a pedicure to relieve yourself of the stress. PS do not get a deep or heavy massage.