10 Fertility problems FAT women face

Why your weight might be an issue in conceiving

Fat lady/freedigitalphotos
Fat lady/freedigitalphotos

While our thinking always says ‘we are not fat’ the reality of getting fat is that it poses a multitude of health issues for women. The biggest fear many Indian women face is fertility issues related to weight gain. We know that weight loss is not an easy journey but when you think of the health risks you face from heart diseases, high blood pressure and fluctuating glucose levels to lack of energy, fertility problems you surely get motivated.

Here are the problems an obese woman faces to get pregnant:

Risk of miscarriage: The effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy includes an increased risk of miscarriages. The extra fat around the uterus presses against the growing foetus and might cause problems in its nutrition also.

Weight loss is a must
Weight loss is a must/pixabay

Fertilisation defects: It is difficult for an obese woman to get pregnant since the fat accumulated around the abdomen can make it difficult for proper fertilisation of the egg by a healthy sperm.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome: Pcos (or pcod) is an effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy. It is a hormonal imbalance that disrupts the normal menstrual cycle and ovulation, thereby causing infertility.

Irregular menstrual cycle: For a woman to get pregnant a regular menstrual cycle is necessary.  But, most obese women have an irregular menstrual cycle which makes difficult to spot fertile days and ovulation.

Ovulation problems: Before it was thought that it was sufficient for an obese woman to have her ovulation proper and on time. But, recent study has shown that this is not enough in the case of obesity.

Oversupply of oestrogen: Even though oestrogen is a female hormone necessary for conceiving and giving birth but an over-supply of this can cause increase in androgen levels and is an effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy.

Androgen levels: Increase in androgen level causes a condition known as hyperandrogenism and is an effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy. It causes the disruption of the ovarian cycle in a woman’s monthly period.

Decreased success in fertility treatments: Another effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy is the decreased chances of success in fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technologies.

Difficulty in conceiving: The fat surrounding the uterus and ovary make it difficult for obese women to conceive and give birth to children. Infertility problems are faced even by women who have a normal ovulation cycle if they happen to be overweight.

Resistance to leptin: Leptin is a protein present in the body that helps to regulate body weight and infertility. But, an effect of obesity on fertility and pregnancy is that it renders the leptin protein useless leading to fertility problems.