5 foods that are actually good

Nutella is good for health
Nutella is good for health

Many foods have acquired the status of bad foods but some of them are actually good for you.Here are some good ones named bad:

Nutella: The yummy chocolate spread is actually healthy as it has high amounts of protein, calcium and iron. But refrain from having it daily.


Coffee: Coffee drinkers love their cups of java but often are told about the ill effects. But many studies claim that coffee is beneficial in preventing Parkinson’s disease. It also increases your metabolic rate.

Whole milk: Full cream milk is looked down upon by most Indian women and health freaks but whole  its actually better than your skim options. Full fat milk contains large amounts of calcium and Vitamins. Skim milk has smaller amounts and at times they are synthetic vitamins that add to the calorie count.

Potatoes: Aloo dunked in creamy gravy or ghee or as a samosa is always bad but potatoes are low in calories and are one of the richest Vitamin C foods. Cook them on a grill with some seasoning and olive oil or make good old aloo ghobi with no oil!

Horseradish: Mooli ka paratha is a favourite among many. Here is news to rejoice, horseradish improves digestion and liver function. Have it as salad with alcoholic beverages to decrease the health risks.