5 foods that are unhealthy in PCOD

Foods that can harm during PCOD


PCOD is a common problem in every age group. In fact, with our sedentary lifestyle, we all are aware of it. While science is still to point out the exact cause of PCOS, women with PCOS have higher levels of insulin in their blood and many have trouble losing weight. Exercise is important for curing PCOS, but eating right is more important, here is a list of foods to avoid if you have PCOS.

Dairy Products
Milk increases the testosterone level, but with testosterone not being managed, its level keeps on increasing. As our testosterone levels are already high, dairy products make it even worse.

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Red Meat
It contains fats that need to be totally avoided. The saturated fat found in red meat cause an increase in Oestrogen production and can cause weight gain. So give up red meat.

Soy Products
These products delay ovulation, Soy act like estrogen in the body, which confuses the body into thinking that it has much supply of estrogen, thus slowing down its production which leads to shutting down ovulation.


Sugary Foods
Sweets, Desserts, Ice cream, Muffins, Pastries, and added Sugars should be avoided if you have PCOS. PCOS is linked to insulin resistance and Sugar causes high levels of insulin.

Processed Food
Food like bread, pasta, and white rice should be avoided as they have very high GI carbohydrates.

This is a curable syndrome, Eat healthily and stay fit.