5 foods that ruin your teeth!

Here is how to maintain your pearly whites

How to maintain your teeth
How to maintain your teeth

We all love a shiny set of teeth, however this stumped me. I drink a lot of diet soda  and a visit to my dentist confirmed that too much of diet soda was actually harming the enamel of my teeth.

The reason is simple, sugar and acid erode the enamel of your teeth and anything which has too uch of one of these will spoil your teeth quicker than you know.

5 foods to avoid or at least mouthwash post consumption

Diet soda

Well you are not having any sugar with them but the high acidic levels can be a huge problem for you.  They are probably one of the worst foods for your teeth. Wan to test this? Just gargle some diet soda and throw it out, now feel your teeth with your tounge they feel like they have a layer of something, that is acid!


Pickles have a lot of salt and oil, which makes them preserve but these preservatives erode the teeth enamel too. Same goes for murrabas too.

Hard toffee

Toffees are the number one culprit when it comes to teeth erosion.  A hard candy is basically boiled sugar and we all keep them in the mouth to get the flavours, this is when they ruin your teeth.

peanut butter and toast
Peanut butter and toast can cause tooth issues/pixabay


Bread is often thought as safe food but breads contain starch and sugar, a combination best known to ruin teeth. After having bread gargle with some plain water to clean off the acid levels from your teeth.

Peanut butter

Its yummy but most peanut butters have a lot of sugar and butter and this kind of sticks to teeth or hides in the corners which can make them detrimental for your shiny teeth.