5 quick & effective ways to lower cholesterol

Tips to get your cholesterol in control

Get healthy now
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Cholesterol is becoming common in most Indian households and calling it a disease is not right. It is a lifestyle problem most people face because of the food & exercise or rather the lack of healthy options.

Here are some tips  to get your health on track

Besides the lifestyle changes , here are few other ways that helps in cholesterol

Drink lots of water: Avoiding sugar based drinks helps lower cholesterol. Water is often the most effective way to remain healthy. Try drinking at least 3 liters everyday.

Take garlic: Garlic eaten raw on an empty stomach is the best way to magically lower cholesterol. However, your sweat might get a bit stinky. More tips here.

Pick healthy food: While a look on our facebook or Instagram feeds, clearly shows us how much junk and sugar the society is obsessed it. Think about clean and fresh food whenever you eat. One simple rule eat all which is uncooked like lettuce, moderate cooked food and avoid fried food.