A guide to good sleep by Kurlon

A guide to good night sleep
A guide to good night sleep/weheartit

If there is any human activity which is ignored, least understood and seldom given any importance is “SLEEP”.

Humans on an average spend a third of their lifetime sleeping. In India still the general population considers the purchase of a mattress a low involvement, low priority & low budgeted affair. The impediment to your blissful sleep is often not given its due importance.

Few of the tell tale signs that indicates a change in the mattress are:

· Sleepless nights,
· Feeling irritable upon waking up and
· Suffering back pains,

Lack of sleep has its implications which includes

· Depression,
· Increase in weight,
· Change insulin levels and
· Problems with learning and memory
· Also, lot of road accidents are linked to drowsiness resulted from a bad Sleep.

The perfect bed
The perfect bed/weheartit

Choosing the type of mattress is a personal choice. The comfort factor of a mattress can broadly be classified into 3 types, viz. Soft, Medium and Firm. Indians mostly prefer firmer mattress, but ideally one can go for the Medium variety as well. Optimal cushioning and support are the most sought after intangible features desired in a mattress. It is therefore necessary to buy a mattress with both these aspects.

Also the quality of sleep depends on numerous factors such as:

· Health,
· Ambience,
· Food habits,
· Sleep time and
· Sleeping position which needs to be kept in mind before one goes to bed.

Comfort is very subjective and differs from person to person. However there are some tangible measurements of it.

· Firstly, the ability of the sleeping surface to redistribute the body pressure from localized points to ensure a free flow of blood through the arteries is important.
· A healthy human body would automatically detect abnormal increase of pressure on the skin and fire out automatic signals to the body muscles to move into a position which enables better blood circulation. This is better known as tossing & turning which is experienced by all.
· Of these above mentioned factors, ‘breathability’ is the aspect where the mattress has a free and un-interrupted circulation of air through it. This is important in view of hygiene & comfort.
· Obstruction of free flow of air through the mattress would lead to a build-up of stale air which is un-hygienic and increased moisture levels will render the micro climate unbearable, sticky and hot. Prolonged wetness of the mattress would ultimately make it vulnerable to quicker attack of sagging.
· A good quality mattress is not just important for good sleep but also positively affects our health. Over the years, brands like Kurlon have strived to incorporate their knowledge and R&D into the design & fabrication of its products thereby making it India’s synonym to good sleep.

(by T. Sudhakar Pai, Managing Director of Kurlon)