Accidental Drowning: Be Careful In a Bathtub

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines, “Drowning is when a person experiences respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid.” It can happen quickly at anyplace where there is water – such as bathtubs, swimming pools etc. One needs to be careful even when there is less water as accidental drowning can happen anywhere.

A bathtub can give the most soothing experience as it relaxes and relieves stress. With its benefits, there are many cases too that alerts about using it safely. Accidental drowning in bathtubs has made it more essential to know what is to be taken care of while using it. Recently Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away in Dubai on 24th February, due to drowning in her hotel’s bathtub following a loss of consciousness. Her uncertain demise left many in tears.


Here we have the things one needs to keep in mind:

Safety in Bathrooms:

  • The water in the bathtub should be warm and not hot to your skin as too hot water can cause burns.
  • Put rubber mats on the bottom to avoid falling.
  • Fill the tub until its 2/3 full. This is important as when you step in the water level rises so, should be filled accordingly.
  • Always remember to avoid coming in contact with anything that can be a source of an electric shock. Never touch plugs etc with wet hands.
  • Unplug electrical appliances like hairdryers, electric razors, etc before itself.
  • Dry the hands completely with a towel before coming in contact with any electrical appliance.
  • Children should never be left in the washrooms alone
  • Never leave any electrical appliance near the bathtub
  • Avoid intake of alcohol

Possibilities of Cardiac Arrest while Drowning:

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, if a person is not rescued from the water early, hypoxemia happens in which the body suffers from a low level of oxygen in the blood which further leads to loss of consciousness. This can lead to serious forms of cardiac arrests which occurs in seconds or few minutes.