Beauty benefits of bitter gourd

Why that Karela is a must have!

Bitter Gourd mostly famous by the name of “Karela”, makes faces go dull when your mother says, “aaj khane mein karela hai!” (there is karela for your meal). However like most vegetables, it has many wonderful advantages that nobody can resist having it once you know the facts. Here are some reasons why that Karela is actually a powerhouse vegetable.

Bitter Gourd
Bitter Gourd

Strengthens Immune System and Kills Acne

Boil bitter gourd and make juice out of it. If acne makes you cry every day and your immune disorders keep you away from your favorite dishes, have a cup of this juice daily. It may sour your throat at first but can give you relief from these on a permanent basis. Seeing your face free from acne we are sure Karela would be your next favorite juice.

Purifies blood and relief from skin rashes

This amazing vegetable has disinfectant and antioxidant characteristics and having its juice frees you from all toxins, itching problems, skin infections and much more. Its juice is an all-time favorite especially of those who are very attentive towards their skin and of weight watchers as it also helps to reduce weight.

Lowers cholesterol and helps to cure diabetes

This vegetable is said to be a rich carrier of iron and folacin which is known to reduce sterol and also reduces the risk of cardiac arrest in the body. It activates AMP-activated protein kinase in the cells which increase the sugar absorption level, thus bringing diabetes under control. It is a blessing for those suffering from diabetes and should be included in the diet on a continuous basis.

Cure blemishes and reduces aging signs

Bitter Gourd Juice
Bitter Gourd Juice

Karela juice clears all blemishes from the skin as it is sour and has the ability to clean the blood that helps your skin sparkle. Bitter gourd is also enriched with Vitamin C that battles and frees the body from harmful bacterias. It further reduces wrinkles, slows the aging process and keeps the skin infections at bay.

Prevents cancer and kidney stones

Have Kidney stones? More reason to start having Bitter Gourd. Karela is the best solution to keep the kidney and bladder fit and also to cure renal stones. It helps cure many diseases and also helps to avoid cancer cells from multiplying.

We are sure after reading this you can’t hide your newborn love for “KARELA”.