Bra myths you should not believe

The whole idea of not talking about boobs and bra openly leads to myths. We all wear bras every day and yet we are never sure about what’s good and what’s not. Following are some very common myths revolving around us, don’t let these aged myths affect your mind.

  • Bra makes your breasts perky

Many women think that wearing a bra while sleeping makes the boobs saggy. But this is not true as the drooping may happen because of pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding. It’s just a natural process and wearing a bra isn’t related to this.Plus sleeping with bra can be so uncomfortable.

  • Sleeping in your bra can cause breast cancer

    The myth was spread like a fire in the early 1920s, but this was never justified. The underwire bras do not increase a woman’s risk of developing cancer in any way. The tightness of any undergarment has no connection to the risk breast cancer.

  • Don’t wash your bra too frequently

    Would you wear the same underwear multiple times without washing them? No, right? The same rules apply to the bras too. The cleanness of the bra is good for us but also for the bras as dirt and oil present in our skin can break the elasticity of the bra.

  • Sports bra
    Sports bra
  • The size of bra doesn’t matter

    You should always wear a proper fit bra. Wearing tight bras will irritate you and loose ones will make you uncomfortable. So always pick the right size you(find out how to find the right bra size).

  • Light colored bra is less visible

When you don’t want to show your bra choose a shade that’s close to your skin tone, like one of our naked shades. White bras can show through both light and dark clothes.