Diet tips to avoid constipation

Diet tips that help clear stomach issues:

Irregular bowel movements or constipation is difficult to deal with and is one of the most common conditions associated with the digestive system. Although no one likes to think or talk about constipation publically but everyone experiences someday or the other due to irregular and unhealthy eating habits. So if you’re dealing with tummy troubles, you’re not alone. According to the experts, it’s a temporary problem, and making simple changes can help your digestive system run smoothly again.

But before starting with the preventive measures it’s very important to know the main causes of constipation, which are as follows:

Low amount of fibre in the diet
· Low intake of water
· Lack of physical activity
· Some types of medication
· Changes in routine such as pregnancy, aging or travel
· Abuse of laxatives
· Ignoring the urge to use the toilet

If you are facing severe constipation then consult a doctor before it’s too late but for others, few simple dietary and lifestyle changes can solve the problem.

Eat more fibre: Fibre helps form soft, bulky stools. You don’t have to count the fibre intake to get the recommended amount. Just aim to eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables every day. You can add some fresh veggies like cucumber and tomatoes in a sandwich or make a healthy salad.

Go for grains: Replace white bread, white rice, and regular pasta with whole-grain bread and whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice. Eat more whole oats, and multi-grain cereals and choose low-fat and low-sugar options. Replace chips with popcorn minus butter.

Drink plenty of liquids: Plenty of liquids don’t mean high-calorie shakes but healthy options like water, green tea, buttermilk, and fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

Exercise: Regular exercise helps your digestive system stay active and healthy. You don’t need to become a great athlete. Simply taking a 20/30-minute walk every day will help a lot.

Consider a fiber supplement: If you are not able to take enough fiber in your diet then opt for a fiber supplement but do consult your doctor before picking any as taking laxatives on your own for a period of time will get your digestive system used to them. This will lead to you not being able to have bowel movements naturally.

Home remedies for constipation

  • Add Hing to food and pickles to reduce flatulence and fight constipation.
  • Raisins (Monakka) are a very effective cure for constipation. Boil 15-20 raisins in milk and drink this. This should be followed for three consecutive days.
  • Ginger tea cures flatulence and cures congestion and constipation.
  • Mint, fennel seeds (saunf) also help in improving digestion.