Eating at your desk is making you fat!

A lady eating on desk/freedigitalphotos
A lady eating on desk/freedigitalphotos

Do you often eat namkeens, samosas or biscuits at your work desk ? Well, a new survey has found that eating unhealthy snacks at your work desk leads to weight gain.

Women are more prone to weight gain and tend to put on weight on their waist! On an average ,working women eat at least two snacks a day and almost 30 per cent have three or more. Many women admit that they eat more than men do.

Biscuits are the common snacks, with 42 per cent having a packet daily. Chocolates, chips and cakes are the other common snacks.  Cakes and biscuits brought by co-workers is the main temptation.

The reasons for this need for snacks is the need for sugar rush, stress and not having a proper lunch. After the munching almost fifty percent of women spend the evening regretting the calorie intake!

So the next time you reach for snacks pick up a fruit or some nuts to munch on.