Fake News: Beware of COVID-19 WhatsApp fake forwards

Don’t believe these fake forward messages circulating on social media.

India has been gripped with a severe shortage of medical assistance, supplies, and oxygen while COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

While people are struggling with the current situation, fake news on WhatsApp regarding COVID-19 infection has been doing rounds that are dangerously misleading.

Many of these messages claim to treat COVID-19 and even ask women to not get vaccinated during their periods. Here are some fake claims to be aware of and forward messages that have no scientific evidence supporting them.

  • Women should not get vaccinated 5 days before and after their periods.

This WhatsApp forward is being shared popularly across all social media platforms. According to this fake news, women should not get vaccinated before and after their menstrual cycle and this claim is fake.

  • A concoction of black pepper, ginger and honey can cure COVID-19

This news claims that a student from Puducherry University came up with the cure and this has been approved by WHO. This is not true. It is best to stick with the advice of your doctor and take medications if you have been tested positive.

  • Steam can counter the effects of COVID-19

Another forward message claims that Air Marshal of Bengaluru’s Command Hospital Air Force has claimed that inhaling steam can counter the effects of COVID-19. No such claims have been made and it is again, best to stick with the advice given by your doctor.

  • Sniffing camphor, cloves, eucalyptus oil and can increase oxygen levels in the body.

According to this message, sniffing these elements increase oxygen levels in the body. There is no scientific or research-based evidence to prove this claim.

These are some common myths and fake news that have been circulating around the web. The best way to make sure you don’t become a part of the chain is by verifying the source and news before sharing it with others. Rely only on Government official websites and credible sources for information regarding COVID-19.