Foods to reduce the effect of smog

Smog In Delhi/Pexel
Smog In Delhi/Pexel

Foods which reduce the effects of smog on your health

It is that miserable time of the year again, the smog season in Delhi, is officially back. Most of us have seen the air become worse in the past few days. What started as a light smog is now so terrible that early in the morning you can only see a blanket of white. While the first thing people are avoiding is early morning walks or using a air mask, but the problem is severe. The dust particles or the PM2.5 levels are so fine that they enter into your lungs creating grievous issues. Our health is in our hands and here are a few foods that can help reduce the problems:

Vitamin C

Is probably the most potent antioxidant and great for the body. Vit C is water soluble and goes into our body and it cleans out the free radicals. Maintaining the right amount of vitamin C will maintain its level in the lungs and help clear off that pollution. The best way is to have a glass of warm lemon water with two freshly squeezed lemons in the morning.


Jaggery or gur

Jaggery is unprocessed sugar and helps clean out phelgem too. It helps keep your lungs clean. Have some jaggery and some warm water to help relieve of the cough which this smog increases.

Also if mixed with onion juice it becomes  an excellent cough reliever.


Turmeric  or haldi is one of the best ayurvedic preventive ever. Haldi is an antioxidant and it also helps protect the lungs from the toxic effects of this smog. Also turmeric mixed with ghee or butter can decrease asthma too.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is our first line of defense against injury so having Vit E is essential to counteract the evil effects of smog. Increase your Vitamin E levels by using plant based cooking oils like sunflower, safflower or rice bran oil. Nuts like almonds and seeds of sunflower are great sources too.

How do you boost your health by consuming food? Please tell us some tips to counteract this smog.