Funny ‘other words’ for period used by girls

Funny ‘other words’ for periods used by girls
Funny ‘other words’ for periods used by girls

Do you remember the time when Kushal Tandon took Facebook to tell the world that how actress Ameesha Patel disrespected National Anthem by not standing up? If yes then most probably you are also aware of the Ameesha’s answer . . . She was having ‘girly problem’ and getting up would have caused blood flow in the theatre.

‘Girly Problem’, Hmmmm, talking about being on period is still a taboo in India. In public places, most of us use super secret g-code if we have to tell that we are on period. When I was a teenager, new in the club, it was very difficult for me to tell even my mother that I have just started bleeding. Sometimes the creative and funny you come out to announce the world that it’s your time. Here are some ridiculous codes that we have used (some are still using) when we can’t stop ourselves talking about periods under the boy’s nose:

  1. Lord Voldemort came back

He who cannot be named. . . . Got it? Well,

  1. It’s my happy birthday       

Oh really! Does this happy word lessen your menstrual pain? Or you give reason to fellow girls to sit and giggle!

  1. It’s flooding south

Err! Some extra intellectual girls bring geography along when they are PMSing. But their style of naming period is quite sensible as blood is flooding in the southern part of the body LOL

  1. I’m on Ketchup diet

Yes darlings! being on periods is a lot similar to going on Ketchup diet. We can completely relate to the thick Ketchup grossly enough!

5. I’m down!

The most common one, I am down. I mean seriously you are down? Watch this video and stop saying you are down