Having weird dreams in lockdown? Here are the reasons

Are you having weird dreams during the lockdown? Here are some of the common dreams that people are having these days:

Ever since the lockdown started people are having weird dreams, which is normal in this time of crisis. The uncertainty and risk of this situation is making people stressed than usual. Increased anxiety and stress can lead to negative dreams. And we all know that dreams are a figment of your subconscious. Well, are you one of them? Then you are not alone, many people are experiencing strange dreams or nightmares ever since the lockdown.

Google searches of the question “Why am I having weird dreams lately?” Has increased during this time. Well, one reason stated by experts is the lack of sleep or alternations in our sleep patterns. This pandemic has affected our sleep schedule that directly hits out subconscious mind. So, here is the list of some common dreams and reasons why you are getting them:

  • Losing a family member

During the present scenario, people are feeling the anxiety of losing a potential member of the family or a loved one. All of us are filled with fear and insecurities during this time. And this is making us fearful than ever, thus our subconscious mind is fearful.

  • Childhood dreams

People these days are dreaming about going to their comfort place as they feel safe there. It is a signal that the person is anxious and this feeling makes them reach out to their childhood comfort.

  • Missing your favorite food

One thing that we are missing badly in lockdown is outside food. People have been dreaming about having their favorite comfort food that they usually used to eat. Experts say if you are having such dreams it has something to do with the feeling of being deprived.

  • Dreams about hanging out

One of the most common and relatable dreams that el are having is going out, meeting friends, or doing activities freely without caring about anything. Well, if you are having dreams about meeting your friends and going out that is probably, because you are concerned about coronavirus affecting society and our life. It also means you miss your freedom.

Whether it is the dream of going out in public or even missing out on a snack, all of these dreams explores what we miss and what we are fearful of in the times of pandemic.