Health benefits of chia seeds!

Check out the health benefits of chia seeds :

Chia seeds have become quite popular because of its medicinal properties. Originally grown in Mexico, chia seed is nutrient-dense and packs a punch of energy-boosting power. They are tasteless which makes it versatile ingredient which can be easily added in any recipe be it a shake or dessert.  You will be amazed that they’ve even been linked to helping reverse diabetes,  read on know other benefits.

  • Weight loss

Two tablespoons of chia seeds have almost 10 grams of fiber and high fiber content helps you feel full for a long time. Also they are low in calories and high in minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc. By adding a serving of chia seeds a day, you can help boost your metabolism and burn belly fat as well.

  • Control Diabetes

The diets which are high in fiber lower the risk of developing diabetes. The alpha-linolenic acid and fiber present in chia seeds help prevent diabetes.  It is proved that they halt and reverse it.

Smoothies with chia seeds
Smoothies with chia seeds
  • Improves digestive system

They are super rich in fiber and it is essential for maintaining the body’s ability to balance insulin levels. They are a natural blood sugar balancer due to its high fiber content and healthy fats.  Being high in dietary fiber, chia seeds helps prevent constipation too.

  • Helps fights heart disease

Chia seeds have omega-3s which decrease the risk of thrombosis and arrhythmias the disorders which leads to heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest. Consuming chia seeds are very beneficial for heart health.

  • Build Muscles

Chia seeds are good source of protein which makes it a great good to consume for those trying to put on lean muscle and burn fat. Besides this they pack a powerful antioxidant punch to help replace some of those nutrients lost when exercising.

  • Good for teeth

Calcium is the building block of your teeth and necessary for tooth health and chia seeds are packed with calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and zinc.

  • How to eat Chia seeds:
  1. Soak them in water for 15 mins, mix them in warm water and drink.
  2. You can add them to your fruit smoothies.
  3. You can sprinkle them on your yogurt and oatmeal.
  4. They can also be added to muffins and bread.