Health benefits of onions

Why that onion is a powerhouse of health!

It is said that keeping a raw onion with you while going out is very helpful for protecting infections. The one thing that is mandatory in the salad is onion, also known as “Pyaaz”, “Kanda” or “Dungri”. This vegetable is supposed to be cultivated for over 5000 years. They are widely used in cooking, especially in North Indian and Chinese food. They are used as a base for many recipes. The bad odor of the onion might keep you away from them, but the fact that it helps in bringing out the true flavor of the dish and it has many health benefits will make you use it. Today, we present you, the health benefits that onion provides.

  • It helps prevent diabetes

Onions contain biotin and chromium, which are unusual mineral to find naturally in food. Chromium helps in managing blood sugar levels and decreases insulin levels

  • It helps in improving immune system

Onions contain vitamin C along with the phytochemicals which help in building immunity. By consuming raw onions you can get a healthier immune system.

  • It helps in digestion

Onions are helpful in maintaining healthy and regular digestive system as they are rich in fiber. Eating onion helps in easy digestion, it also increases your appetite.  It will be good if you eat raw onion in the salad.

  • It helps you get healthy and glowing skin

Onion has anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in reducing redness and swelling. Biotin is also important in maintaining healthy skin. For the treatment of signs of acne, onion juice can be used with honey or olive oil.

  • It helps you relax better!

If you need a good sleep at night onion can help you, the phytochemicals present in onion helps you to rest. You can eat onions in your evening meals like salad at dinner. You can also rub it before sleeping or place it under your feet. We’re sure you will have a good night’s sleep.

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    It helps maintain blood pressure

The sulfur present in onion help preventing blood platelets from collecting, this is good for lowering blood pressure and it prevents the risk of heart attack. For best results you should eat raw onion, cooked onions will not give you the same effect.

You may hate chopping an onion, but it does have many health benefits. Start eating them for consuming their health benefits.