Health benefits of organic foods

Things you should know about organic foods

In this era where we often come across the problem of food poisoning and food-borne diseases, organic food is the all new buzz! Organic foods are a step above your usual pesticide laden and GMO altered food. “They truly work, my immunity is better after a year of consuming organic food. Yes it is expensive but the benefits like good health and energy make it worthwhile,” says Manisha Singh, a housemaker who shifted to organic foods after bouts of stomach issues. Here, we have some reasons to make organic food your first choice.

Reduces effect of pesticides and strengthens immune system

Pesticides free
Pesticides free

What we generally complain of non-organic foods is the excessive use of pesticides which makes it unhealthy to eat and the risk of food-borne diseases.  Pesticides are often used to save the crops from bugs and it works effectively in that, but for the eating purpose, these pesticide grown vegetables are not healthy and even poisonous. They need to be avoided and obviously, if you have fresh food, your immune system would strengthen automatically.

Best for heart health

Good for heart
Good for heart

Organic products contain linoleic acid which is healthy for the heart and emphasizes on heart protection, thus, being the best for avoiding illness.

It is environment-friendly

The harmful chemical is avoided in organic farming hence, making it free from pesticides and environment-friendly. On the part of nutrition, organic meat and food are less fatty and this makes it the best choice for weight watchers. It is more nutritious than non-organic foods as it is free from all herbicides and pesticides.

Prevents from foodborne diseases

Prevents foodborne diseases
Prevents food borne diseases

Foodborne illness is normally reported multiple times in news but do you know this is a side effect of pesticides? Pesticides used in the vegetables cannot be removed by washing or boiling and thus hampers health in the long run. So, to avoid it use pesticide-free organic foods.

It is antibiotic-resistant and good for taste

Non-organic foods have antibiotics in them that weakens the immune system making it lose its capacity to defend itself. Organic farming does not use any antibiotics and helps the body heal itself naturally. People believe that organic food even tastes better than other foods and its true in many ways because it is available fresh, does not go through any long-distance shipping, is not frozen and the best part is that it is pesticide-free.

It carries antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are present in both organic and non-organic foods but they tend to be more beneficial when taken from organic food. For example, in a research, it was found that organic onions have more antioxidant properties than normally grown ones that are 20% extra antioxidant content.

Have you ever tried switching to organic food?