Health wonders of Jamun

Have Jamun’s these summer


Known by several local names such as jambas, jamun, jambolan, kala jamun, java plum, black plum and black berry, this royal purple monsoon fruit is a store house of essential nutrients. They can be consumed both raw or in form of juice.

Yesterday while out on a lunch break me with my colleagues I bought some jamuns and relished the tangy sweet fruit. While eating we also discussed about its health benefits and here are some of them:

Control blood sugar: The glucoside jambolin in it prevents the conversion of starch into sugar and helps controlling blood sugar levels.

Nutritious: They contain flavonoids, phenols and are rich in protein, calcium iron, folic acid, calcium potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. It has high levels of Vitamin C.


Relief from bladder problem: Eating jamuns stimulates the liver and relieves bladder problems.

Cure pimples: It also helps in treating pimples. Just grind the dry seeds and add some milk and apply on the pimples while going to bed at night. Wash in the morning.

Cures leucoderma: It stimulates the melanin making cells and thus helps in curing leucoderma.

Healthy voice: To maintain a healthy voice and relieve hoarseness, gargle with a concoction of Jamun seeds boiled in water.

Fertility: Its leaves have the power of fertility for females and can be taken with honey at any time of the day on a daily basis for at least a month.

Helps in bleeding gums: Due to its high astringent properties, it is used for gargles and as a mouthwash particularly for bleeding gums.

Helps cleanse smoker’s lungs: Old people say that consuming lots of Jamuns helps cleanse the mucous which collects in lungs of people who smoke.