How effective is steam inhalation against COVID-19?

Here is what to know about steam inhalation and its effect on coronavirus.

COVID-19 spread has made people more careful and everyone is taking precautions to keep themselves safe. For that, many possible cures have been presented and since they seem harmless, people have started to use them to prevent the infection. Steam inhalation is one of them as it has been a popular home remedy for blocked nose and claims stated that  doing it regularly can ‘kill’ coronavirus and stop its replication. Most of us believe it and made it a habit but does it actually works?

The facts is that it can not kill coronavirus, however, it can give relief to people suffering from congestion and cold.

As for the benefits of taking steam it helps ease the congestion by lubricating the mucosal lining of the nasal cavity and reducing irritation. The warm steam can also ease irritation and inflammation.

Why it can be harmful

  •  If done improperly, steaming can cause scalding of skin and airways. Also, it’s best done in isolation, or else it can result in further spread of infection, rather than containing it.
  • Steam inhalation without congestion could worsen other respiratory conditions like asthma. Use of essential oils in steam could also potentially lead to seizures.

WHO and CDC also does not officially list steam inhalation as a prevention method for COVID-19. So exercise caution while opting for steam therapy.