How to avoid holiday weight gain

Woman eating cake/freedigitalphotos
Woman eating cake/freedigitalphotos

Year end holidays, non-stop partying, less exercise and no dieting and all this lead to holiday weight gain. And after the party season we regret our gluttony and end up following harmful fad diets.
Here are a few ways to avoid holiday weight gain:

Exercise moderately: Don’t have time to hit the gym? Plug in your iPod and go for a jog or try some yoga.

Know your favourite foods: Know your favourite and irresistible foods like chocolate cake and steer clear of them.

Eat beforehand: Eating a bit before ensures you do not over eat the fried snacks. Eating before guzzling alcohol also helps.

Beware of the goodies: The sinful plum cake, the decadent chocolate cookies you got as a gift derail your diet efforts and make you gain unwanted weight.

Have water: Have hot water in the morning to flush out toxins. Having ample water ensures you don’t over-indulge in fattening food.