How to care for your contact lens

Care for your contact lens
Care for your contact lens/freedigitalphotos

Many of us wear specs and shift to contact lenses for work or leisure. While some love to experiment with their eye colour and buy contact lenses in different colours. Whatever your reason, did you know contact lenses are responsible for many eye issues if you do not care for them properly?

A friend has been using them for more than 10 years and she told us, she has ruptured her retina once when she was taking them out and pinched her eye! Team AAW cares you that is why we are here to tell you some basic eye care tips all contact lens users must follow:

  • Use monthly, weekly or daily disposable lenses over yearly ones as fresher the lens lesser the chances of contamination and eye infections.
  • Always wash the lens container once in two or three days and leave it to air dry. The container usually is placed in the washroom or dressing table and can accumulates germs and dirt which can transfer to your eyes.
  • Always wash your hands always before handling lenses, wash them twice (wash, dry and then wash) if you are removing them after a particularly spicy meal like Chinese or chaat. As spices will stick to the lenses and the next time you wear them your eyes will hurt and you might even get a headache!
  • Always use an antibacterial hand wash or soap, cleaning hands with water wont do,
  • If you’re experiencing dryness in eyes avoid wearing your lenses. Lenses float in the eye and if your eyes are are dry, they will stick onto your pupils and cause damage.
  • Keep the lenses hydrated at all times in the lens solution. Always fill your contact lens case with solution till your lenses are well covered. If the lenses become dry throw them away as dry lenses can scratch your retina and cause permanent damage.
  • Always use a good lens solution and never ever use water, contact lens solution is made of saline which helps keep lenses hydrated, water on the other hand dried them.
  • Try carrying your lens case filled with solution when you are going for longer events and remove them when you feel discomfort. Do not forget to carry your glasses.
  • Never sleep with lenses on, no matter how tired you are.Sleeping can cause permanent damage including blindness! If you end up catching a short nap with your lenses immediately take off your lenses or hydrate your eyes only with the solution.
  • It is a bad idea to wear lenses over a 7-8 hours stretch.
  • Avoid wearing your lenses on a dusty day or wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the dust.
  • After removing your lenses use cooling eyedrops like Eyetone to refresh your eyes.