Lesser known health benefits of fennel seeds

Fennel seeds or sauf has more benefits than solving digestive issues.

Saunf or Fennel seeds are an edible and healthy seeds used for many years in cooking as well as medicinal purposes. We have a habit of eating it after every meal for freshness and digestion, but there are many other benefits of fennel seeds. Read on to find out

  • Helps in curing indigestion, constipation and bloating

They are great to overcome digestion as they work on your stomach as soon as you start chewing them. Fennel seeds stimulate digestion as it has carminative effects.(Which affect the digestive tract and prevent the formation of gas). Chewing one spoon of fennel seeds can relieve you from stomach pain.

Fennel seeds
Fennel seeds
  • It helps in relieving menstrual pain

Factors such as stress or a poor diet may affect a women’s cycle. Fennel seeds have properties (called as emmenagogue) which help in regulating menstrual flow. As it regulates the flow the pain is reduced. Women who take fennel seeds during those days get relief from pain.

  • It reduces water retention

If you drink fennel tea regularly, extra fluids from your body will be removed as it has a diuretic property. This property also helps in reducing weight. It also removes toxins and decreases the risk of urinary problems.

Fennel tea
Fennel tea
  • It helps keep cancer away

They are a very rich source of magnesium. Sauf has properties which beat oxidative stress and help protect the body from skin, stomach or breast cancer. Magnesium is a mineral which is used by the body to produce antioxidant enzyme superoxide- which helps in beating cancer.

  • Prevents acne

Fennel seeds are great for your skin as they are full of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. To prevent acne you can apply a mixture made using sauf. It will help in keeping your skin toned and diminish the signs of aging.

Now that you know the benefits of fennel seeds so start having them after meals.