Maintaining oral hygiene can help reduce COVID-19 severity

 A study claims maintaining oral hygiene can reduce COVID-19 transmission and severity.

According to a recent study, taking care of oral hygiene can lower the risk of transmission of coronavirus. The ingredients in mouthwashes and toothpaste have properties that can deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The virus can enter the lungs through saliva and hence taking care of oral hygiene can reduce the severity of infection. Before entering the air sacs, the virus may enter the bloodstream and that can be life-threatening.

Source- Huffpost

If oral hygiene is not maintained, it can further facilitate the virus to intensify and reach the lungs which can then lead to the development of infection.

Taking simple steps to maintain oral health can be helpful and definitely a step towards keeping yourself safe from coronavirus. The CT scans of patients have helped medical researchers and dentists to come together and look for any correlation between oral entry route and lung infection caused by the virus.

The study has also pointed out that the difference in habits could also be the reason why some people developed a lung infection and others experienced only mild symptoms.

The model based on this study helps understand how the virus finds a breeding ground in the mouth and travels from mouth to blood vessels and pulmonary arteries.

There is a lot to be determined and this study has formed a base for further research. Till then, it is best to take care of oral hygiene to stay safe from the effects of COVID-19.