Most Common COVID signs in kids 

Here are some most common COVID signs found in kids: 

The thing about COVID infection in kids is that the presentation of symptoms is a little different or delayed in kids. Other than the less severe form of infection, the symptoms can also hit them differently. It might also be the reason why they have a weaker antibody response, compared to the adult population. It is very important to keep kids safe and spot signs as early as possible. Here are some most common COVID signs found in kids: 

The UK-based study pointed out that the children who did contract COVID-19 develop three symptoms in particular. What’s strange is that sore throat or cough, which is a typical COVID sign, was not so prevalent in the younger ones.

The three symptoms to watch out for in kids are as below:

  • Fever

A low-grade fever is the most common sign of infection in kids. About 54% of the kids in the study reported suffering from a fever. 

  • Fatigue and tiredness 

Exhaustion, fatigue, and energy loss are some signs of COVID. As per the study, chronic fatigue and tiredness seemed to plague 55% of the kids. This can be a worrisome sign because exhaustion caused by the virus might take a longer time to recover as well. 

  • Headache 

Headache is not a common symptom of COVID-19. It only affects 14% of adults. Headaches can be a common complaint in kids and a possible sign of infection, so watch them. 

Does the loss of smell affect kids? 

Loss of smell and taste is the strangest symptom of COVID-19 so it can also impact the kids. 

The latest findings suggest that a fraction of the children reported suffering from a diminished form of loss of smell and taste, apart from a sore throat, runny nose.

Other symptoms to look out for possible signs of infection can be skin rashes and inflammation which have been termed as “COVID toes”.