Pros and cons of activated charcoal

Read on to know all about activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is the trendiest product that is being used in the world. With both health and beauty benefits, as well as a number of uses in the home, it’s something that every family should have. Team AAW tells you everything that you need to know about activated charcoal

What is Activated charcoal?

Made from coal, wood or coconut shells, it is referred to as “Activated charcoal “when high temperature are combined with an activating agent to expand its surface area. As it burns hotter, charcoal is considered superior to wood, and so, historically, it became the fuel utilized to smelt ores.


Charcoal powder
Charcoal powder

Pros (uses) of activated charcoal

  • Whitens teeth

If  helps in whitening them and maintains pH balance and prevents from bad breath and cavities.

  • Filters water

Activated charcoal traps all the impurities from water and drains them out of the body. It promotes proper immune functioning.

  • Treats gas and bloating

It traps all the gas causing products in the body. You must take it 15 minutes before eating a meal that can cause gas.

  • Prevents hangovers

Activated charcoal does not absorb alcohol but it removes all other toxins from the body that are poisonous. By removing the toxins present in the body it helps in curing hangovers.

  • Maintains skin health

It can be used for external uses as well. It is helpful in treating acne, rashes, insect bites and body odor which is why charcoal face packs are becoming quite popular.

  • Anti-ageing

It prevents cellular damage to kidneys and liver and is very beneficial for major organs of the body, as it removes all the waste toxins and chemicals from the body.

Cons (harms) of Activated charcoal

  • It stains fabrics, floors, and clothes.
  • With toxins, it also absorbs vitamins from the body.
  • If you consume activated charcoal you can suffer from diarrhea.
  • It can cause constipation.
  • You might get a black stool or hard lumps of stool.
Charcoal pills
Charcoal pills

Where to buy?

You can buy activated charcoal online from Amazon and eBay websites. Also, it is available at big medical stores in the form of pills.

Charcoal face mask

Here are few charcoal face masks available in the market.

Charcoal face masks
Charcoal face masks
  1. Fab India charcoal face pack
  2. Health vit activated charcoal mask
  3. The Body shop Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask
  4. Sara charcoal baseline body mould mask
  5. Patanjali activated carbon facial foam



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