Protect your health post-diwali

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During Diwali we all gorge on sweets, fried foods which often leads to breakouts. Besides this the rise in pollution causes breathing problems, throat and stomach infections. Therefore taking care of your health post Diwali is quite important and here is how to do it to avoid any further problems

Detox:  The treat time is over so keep a check on your diet and try to stay away sweets, fried food and cold drinks. Try eating loads of green vegetables and fruits.

Hydrate well: Pollution can make your skin dull and dry so keep it well moisturised and drink atleast 2 liters of water to flush out the toxins. Also warm water helps soothe dry throat. If possible make some detox water and have it instead of the regular one. Detoxified body will lead to healthy skin.

Skin care: Ditch your regular moisturizer and apply the one which have ample quantities of vitamin E. A moisturizer rich in Vitamin A, C & E is the best for fighting the pollution. In case of burns, use a good antibiotic cream after cleansing the wounds.

Bathing Excuses

Take a proper bath: After Diwali the pollution sticks to your hair and body. Take a warm bath with some peppermint oil and cleanse your hair and body properly.

Asthmatics: People with asthma or breathing problems, should refrain from going out and take proper medication to avoid any complications. Keep your inhalers handy and stock up your refills and check the expiry date of the inhaler

Go slow on alcohol: Now that you had enough of  alcohol during the card parties so refrain from going overboard with drinks or stop drinking for a week to decrease the effects of alcohol.

Exercise: Try and get back to your fitness regime but avoid working out in open for next few days because of smog.