Self-defense every women must know

Why self safety comes first

Self-defense every women must know/ quinnae.wordpress

Time and again men who try to show their power, subject Indian women to gross violence. This New Year’s Bangalore women were mass molested by revelers on the roads despite police and journalist. It is a sad state of affairs. While we feel sorry for the women who had to take this shame.

We believe a real man uses his brains over his brutal force. Women need to be empowered with self defense techniques. Here safety tips every girl must know and follow.

Change your route: If you sense problems on your way, just change your route and be ready to run or defend yourself. You can also take help from the PCR vans near by.

Dress sensible: Do not wear eye-catching jewellery when you are traveling alone. Leave yor chic and short dress for occasions where you have no reasons to anticipate danger. Also while traveling alone pick up attire that has freedom of movement because even the best self defense techniques will fail if you cannot run because of your tight, constricting clothes. Yes saying this as a woman makes me sad but the truth is that I would rather be safe.

Be confident: Always be confident and do not portrait yourself as an easy target.  Maintain eye contact and show them that you are not scared.

Avoid hitchhikes: Don’t trust anyone offering help because there have been numerous cases of rapes and molestation in the past. Hitchhiking is not safe opt for public transport or a private cab. Always go for authorized cab services because they are safer than the local ones.

Don't take empty roads
Don’t take empty roads/pixabay

Go for crowded compartments, roads: While traveling in local trains choose a crowded compartment or area instead of the isolated one. If traveling by bus sit near the door for quick exit. Avoid window seat as you may be blocked in. In order to avoid traffic jams never choose a quiet road. Busy routes are usually safer. Also prefer an area where the male, female ratio is not too skewed.

Be alert: Always keep your ears and eyes open to know what’s happening around. Don’t presume that because your area has always been safe it will continue to be so.

Keep car doors locked: Never leave your car unlocked even if going out for two minute. After peek hours make sure to keep windows up and doors locked even if some points at the tyres because they are chances of being a fraud and bluff.

Ask for help: Don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you sense anything fishy.  Keep the emergency numbers handy and call to ask for help.

Take some self-defense classes: Police hold classes for women on self-defense. See if the police in your city do something similar. If not, enroll in some judo or kick boxing classes.

Learn some moves
Learn some moves/pixabay

Pepper spray: Carrying a pepper spray is a must. It is your weapon against the world.

Hit the bull’s-eye: When in danger always aim for the men’s genital area or his nose. A strong punch or kick in these two regions has the maximum shock value.

Trust your intuition: Sometimes our intuition has inkling that something is wrong. Immediately call the police or your parents.  Remain in a public area but if you feel extremely unsafe, go to a religious place nearby till the time help arrives.