This is the risky place you can catch coronavirus from!

Here is why you should be careful while visiting supermarkets and stay safe from coronavirus.

It is important to be cautious while stepping out as coronavirus spreads easily and some places are riskier than others. It is not possible to avoid going out completely so it is better to know about the places that carry the maximum risk of spreading infection.

Research has shown that there are many places that can be a hotspot of transmission but supermarkets are the riskiest ones.

Source- Ghana Talks Radio

Supermarkets and coronavirus

Stay super cautious while shopping around in supermarkets as most people have the habit of going out to buy things and they may be carrying the virus. The new strain of coronavirus has also become a major concern.

It has been discovered in a survey that people who have been tested positive have visited supermarkets a few days before and have come in close proximity with other people around. Many countries have opened up grocery shops and supermarkets and that has also added to the problem.

Since the aisles are also placed together, it may further increase the chance of coming in close contact with an infected individual. Social distancing rules may also be difficult to follow in some places, depending on the area.

Safety precautions to take in supermarkets

You may not be able to skip your visit to the grocery store completely and that is understandable. The best way to make sure you do it safely is by following some safety rules. Avoid going to the supermarkets at busy hours and avoid it altogether if you belong to the high-risk category.

Make a list of everything you need to get so that you don’t spend too much time in the store. Carry your own hand sanitizer and place your mask correctly. Wipe your shopping cart before using it and wear gloves as well.