Ways to fart less

Everybody farts no matter they accept or not. Passing wind is the body’s way to get rid of excess gas produced and it happens around 5-15 times a day. It is also true that not all farts smell as some do not have any odour or sound at all. However, there are some which are quite noisy and have an unbearable smell. Although gas is a normal part of life, it can be inconvenient. You can’t stop farting completely, but there are ways to reduce the amount of gas in your system.

Avoid chewing gum


Chewing is very helpful in keeping your breath fresh but has side effects as well. As we chew we continuously swallow air that makes air to build up in the digestive system further making you fart more.

Eat slowly

If you do not chew food then inhaling it ends up with a stomach ache, It is so because the faster you eat the more air you swallow so slowing down your eating pace is good for health and you fart less.

No cigarettes

Smoking itself can make you fart and the main reason is the air swallowed when you smoke.

Increase physical activity


Keeping active helps you ease your digestive issues to avoid constipation.

Stay hydrated

There are several benefits of drinking water and this is yet another one to add to the list that you fart less when you stay hydrated. Drinking more water the waste products pass through the body more freely.

Cut back gas-producing foods

Some foods produce more gas than others. Some common gas-producing carbs include complex sugar that is in cabbage, broccoli, asparagus etc; fructose like onions, pear soft drinks etc; lactose like cheese, dairy products etc; starches in potatoes, pasta wheat and insoluble fibre that are in oat bran, peas etc.

Ban beer


Air inhaled while guzzling beer gets trapped in the digestive system causing gas issues later that makes you fart more.

Manage constipation

Manage your constipation and the very first step to it is drink as much water as you can. Increase your fibre intake with more of fruits and vegetables.