World sleep day: Mediate for a sound sleep

Benefits of meditation for a quality sleep:

Most of us adults, these days suffer from sleep problems all thanks to technology around us. However many adults due to anxiety and work stress have chronic insomnia. Medical science has also linked inadequate sleep with anxiety, anger, and sadness.

There is a recent study that highlighted the impact of Heart fullness Meditation on insomnia. So today on ‘World Sleep Day’ (March 16, 2018) we get you the benefits  of practicing meditation for enhancing well-being & improving the quality of sleep:

  1. Enhancing melatonin

It is said that when you meditate melatonin production in the pineal gland gets decreased. Stress increases the production of melatonin and meditation decreases it. It has been observed that after starting a meditation practice, many people have experienced a better quality of sleep as well as lesser sleeping hours.

  1. Relaxation response

When we sleep there is a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and minute ventilation. Also, there is less oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide elimination. Meditation induces same physiological changes, except that the person remains alert although the physical body goes into a state of profound relaxation.

  1. Reduces stress & anxiety

Are you stressed and can’t get quality sleep at night? Try meditating.  While meditating the awareness of your body and how your thoughts are affecting you at the moment get duller. This often is the only way to calm your mind and quickly get sleep. The mindfulness learned from meditation is the easiest and most effective way to re-train the ready-for-bedtime brain.

  1. Heartfulness meditation enhances sleep quality

Heartfulness Meditation is a simple heart-based meditation practice that helps stress, burnout, and emotional wellness. In Heartfulness Meditation, we ignore all other thoughts and rest the mind by focusing on a single thought. Regular practice of this act trains the mind to pursue only necessary thoughts and ignore all unwanted ones. This further helps in true regulation of the mind, where the mind is guided by the heart and unwanted thoughts are reduced. When we are in a stressed state it is difficult to fall asleep. This heartfulness meditation can help to get deep and undisturbed sleep.