5 smart ways to save electricity

Save electricity/freedigitalphotos

Electricity in India is always becoming expensive. The age old saying, “the best way to produce electricity is to conserve” stands true even today. Often we all end up buying many electronic appliances and gadgets that we hardly use. The end result is a stuffed kitchen and a hundred cords attaching the television to xyz gadgets.

Here are 5 ways to use electricity wisely and see your bills drop:

Detach and store appliances:  Take a look at all the appliances and gadgets around you. Keep the once you use less than once a week inside. You can take them out for usage. Detach all the electric cords of the once you use twice to thrice a week. You can also remove your surround sound system when watching tv on a daily bases.

Refrigerator etiquettes: Fridges are the most misused household items. They run 24X7 and if they are misused, they consume electricity like crazy. Never place hot food or uncovered drinks in the fridge. These make the fridge suck electricity. Also always, keep your fridge ¼ empty to allow perfect circulation of cool air.

Switch to CFL’s: Bulbs consume a lot of electricity. Place CFL’s to lower the electricity bill. Put CFL’s in smaller rooms like bathrooms, kitchen, and storeroom. You can also put them in lamps for a pretty change.

Get smart: Simple ways like microwaving two or more things together can reduce consumption. Also while using the oven try making two or more things together.

Switch off over standby: A tv on standby mode consumes about 90% more energy than when it is switched off. Next time make the effort to shut down all appliances instead of keeping them on standby mode.