Tips to make your house Baby Proof!

Check out some tips to make your house baby-proof:

The arrival of a little one in the house brings loads of happiness and as soon as your baby starts crawling the happiness doubles. But with happiness comes a need to look at your house in a whole new manner. Growing children are curious and this curiosity leads to accidents but with careful planning and a little equipment, you can make the house secure and safe.  Read on to explore:

 Cover electrical sockets:  As soon as the baby starts crawling the first thing is to cover all the electrical sockets to prevent the baby from putting their fingers in them.
Use protective padding: Cover all the pointed edges like table corners, bookshelves, etc with protective padding. Also, make sure that the furniture is securely anchored to the wall. In the case of glass table tops be careful when the baby goes near them or cover them with plastic table covers.
Keep wires out of reach:  Wires should not be left dangling.  Loop them over the top of the door or tuck them properly at a height.
Store properly: Keep all poisonous products, cosmetics, and cleaners out of reach because as soon a baby sees them he might try eating them. Keep houseplants out of reach as some plants can make your baby sick.
Keep the window and doors locked:  All windows and doors should be locked properly and be inaccessible to a toddler. Secondly, make sure that there is no furniture around on which the baby can climb and open the locks.
Remove small knick knacks: Till the baby is growing up keep all the expensive crystal show pieces, vases, and other decorative items on higher shelves or keep them in a store room.  If you have small plastic caps or other tiny things just make sure that kids don’t swallow them.
Other things to be kept out of reach: We all know about the basic things that should be kept out of reach but ignore some common things around like dustbins, lighters, matchboxes, needles, scissors, cutters, sharp utensils, staplers and pins, pointed pencils, pens to name a few.