Common cleaning mistakes you must avoid

Cleaning mistakes that make your work worse!

Wear gloves while washing utensils/freedigitalphotos
Wear gloves while washing utensils/freedigitalphotos

Cleaning our home is a chore most of us try and finish over the weekends. Often we pick up cleaning things while grocery shopping or buy the latest detergent based on the advertising and hoping it will quicken our work. However, we all make common cleaning mistakes which lead to unnecessary time wastage.  Here are common cleaning mistakes to avoid:

Using Colin (or any glass cleaning spray) for television and computers

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Since time immemorial we have been using these sprays to get squeaky clean glasses and glass surface. So using it on a television or computer screen which is made of glass made sense but we are wrong. With the change of technology we now mostly use LCD or plasma screens and the alcohol and ammonia in the cleaning spray can damage these new technology TV’s. The best way is to clean them using a soft damp sponge or damp newspaper.

Mixing cleaners

Do not practice your chemistry skills in the laundry. Mixing bleach and acids can lead to the creation of chlorine gas which can be deadly.

Clothes washing bar as dish-washing soap

I have seen too many people do it. But what’s made for your clothes can never clean your dishes. Plus there are hygiene issues as clothes washing bar cannot disinfect and clear germs from plates you eat in!

Window cleaning on a sunny day

Cleaning windows on a sunny day can help you see the grim and smudge spots but the heat can make the cleaner dry quickly and leave streaks. Clean your windows early morning or on a cloudy day.

Spraying and wiping immediately

Sprays need a few seconds or a minute to clean grease and eliminate germs. Many of us do not give sprays enough time to work and blame the product. Wiping right after spraying also minimize the effectiveness of the spray. It also leaves behind bacteria which can lead to fugal and bacterial infections. Read the label and follow the instructions as to how long the spray should sit before wiping it away.