How to keep your refrigerator clean

Keep that fridge clean for better health

How to keep your refrigerator clean

A refrigerator is the hub of a kitchen. But unfortunately it takes a lot of abuse. Improperly stored food, leftovers, accidental spills can turn cleaning it into a nightmare!

We all tend to over-stuff it with the leftovers leading to unpleasant smell and unhygienic conditions. It is difficult to spend hours cleaning it.

Here are some steps to keep your refrigerator neat and tidy: 

Clear expired food or leftovers
Clear expired food or leftovers

 Remove the stale food:  There are times when refrigerator turns into a dumping ground for leftovers. Always throw away stale and expired food to make space for the fresh food and avoid that rotting stink!

Store meat in containers:  Cold cuts like salami, ham or pre-cooked chicken/mutton or sea food have a strong smell. It is better to store them in airtight containers to refrain the smell from spreading into other food items.  Never freeze them, keep them on the shelf between the freezer and fridge. Meats taste better and fresher.

Storing fruits and veggies: Never keep moist or wet vegetable in the fridge they will rotten. Store them in the fruits and vegetable compartment. It’s a good idea to buy net pouches for storage to retain their freshness.

Clean fridge equals good health
Clean fridge equals good health

Wipe interior and exterior regularly: It is important to clean the interiors to remove the spilled food and dust from inside. Take a clean cloth, hot water and a mild detergent for hard and dry for regular cleaning.  For the exterior you can use cleaning sprays like Colin, Mr. Muscle etc to retain the shine.

Clean shelves and drawers: The shelves can be cleaned with the cloth but wash the vegetable drawer to remove dust and other filth like stray leaves that come with the veggies and tend to collect in the bottom of the drawers. Let them dry properly before setting them back and handle carefully to avoid breakage.

Wipe jars or containers:  Wipe jars and containers with a clean and dry cloth. This removes the spilled food that causes stickiness.

Handy hints:

  • Add a box of baking soda to reduce odor in the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Use olive, mineral or baby oil to restore the shine to the refrigerator body after washing.
  • White vinegar can also be used to clean the fridge and keeping it fresh.