5 Whatsapp chat etiquette we all must learn

Group chat popular in India/pixabay
Group chat popular in India/pixabay

Often we are all added to a plethora of groups on whatsapp without approval. It becomes a bit difficult to handle such a situation. Mostly these groups on the popular chatting service Whatsapp are made by friends to chat but sometimes friends of friends also add you to groups to boost their business. Indian relatives on Whatsapp love their good morning images and god photos which can seriously get infuriating. So how to maintain a decorum when you are a member of such groups? Well here are a few group chat etiquette everyone must follow:

Avoid sending messages from 11 pm to 7 am

Messaging your group friends is fun but understand everyone is busy in their personal lives and texting at odd hours in not cool. Yes that joke needs to be forwarded and all that, but no one will appreciate pinging at odd hours. Avoid unless it is an emergency.

Don’t over send images

Often people send 10 images of jokes, food, festival, wishes etc. Unacceptable! Please understand that no one wants to download 50 images saying Happy Diwali. One simple message suffices. Uploading and downloading images takes a lot of internet, so don’t waste your data card on these wishes. And I never download these images, most people don’t. So get a life, write those wishes and do some productive work!

Group chat popular in India/pixabay
Group chat popular in India/pixabay

Stop sending greetings

Believe me no one wants and enjoys images of weird flowers saying Good Morning! It seriously makes the morning annoying. Most people in a group chat are loosely related and often find it irksome to get such weird greetings. Send a nice quote (write it) than an image.

Avoid those pass on messages

I think most of us have offended all gods by not passing messages to 10 people to get lucky! Such forwarding messages are often frivolous and hold no truth. Pass on important info instead. And no one got richer forwarding those money and luck messages to 10 other people.

Do not add people to a group unnecessarily

A friend of friend is selling wares and your friend adds you and you are inflicted with image upon image of suits, etc!  Quit those groups and tell your friend you don’t appreciate being added. Saves you from the hassle of unnecessary pings. The better way is to personally ping or better call and ask people if they are interested in the group.

Do you agree with these group chat etiquette?