Signs that you are addicted to your smartphone

Are you a phone addict/pexel
Are you a phone addict/pexel

Undoubtedly life without cell phones would be incomplete and difficult as the smartphones have made us dependent on them. They have a lot to offer which makes us addicted to it. We need them for daily purposes including socializing, making and receiving important calls, staying in touch etc which is why it has become an important part of our everyday life Many people are now addicted to their cellphones without realizing that it has many health disorders attached to it. Wondering are you also one of them? Well then here are a few signs which proves that you are addicted to your phone:

  •  Check your phone

The moment you wake up, the first thing you do is check your phone, see all the sites, mails, accounts and same before going to sleep. 

  • Panic attack awaits when your phone is out of your sight

You happen to get a panic attack when you cannot see or find your phone. If your phone is in your pocket, you check your pocket time and again so see that you haven’t  missed any message. 

  • Texting speed is faster than the bullet train

Your typing speed is really fast and nobody can beat you in that because you use your phone 24/7 due to which typing has become a habit thus has made you a pro.

  • Phone is your calendar and watch

Even if you are wearing a watch, you happen to check time from your cell phone and also day and date are something that you can remember just from the lock screen. 

  • Loo partner

You take it along with you  in the washroom as well and your levelness of boredom crosses infinity when you don’t take it along.

Always on phone/pexel
Always on phone/pexel


  • Multi-tasking!

You use your phone while working, eating, watching television and what not. Your hand feels lonely when your smart phone is not there. 

  • Chargers and power banks are your saviours

You always ensure to carry a power bank or your phone charger because using your phone constantly can discharge it and you just cannot let that happen.

You get lost in your phone

You get lost in your phone all the time without even realizing how much time you have wasted.

Lastly, you might be reading this article on your smart phone! Say hi to addiction now.