8 Types of plane passengers to avoid

The passengers spell trouble!

A still from English Vinglish
A still from English Vinglish

We all travel by planes, some of travel on a weekly basis for work and many of us take flights for vacations, but there are some co-passengers who can turn a flight into a bad experience. Well usually you cannot choose whom you sit next to but here are a few passengers you must stay away from (Psst we give you a few tricks to avoid them too):

Chatterbox auntie: These aunties will start asking where you are from and where you are off to and then starts the conversation about how scared she is blah blah. By the time you exit your flight you will know her entire family tree and their issues and a searing headache!
Avoid: Say you get air sick and can vomit if you talk a lot and need to sleep!

Space-chor (Invader): These people love to first, stuff the overhead compartment with their stuff and then the entire flight they will give you no foot space and arm rest.
Avoid: Be rude and tell them to give you some space, if it doesn’t help start an argument and tell the air-hostess to change your seat.

Recliner: These people travel the entire distance reclining their entire space which makes your leg room shrink remarkably and eating a meal becomes a task. Usually air planes say that all seats are designed to do this, but no one in coach class should ever do it!
Avoid: Ask them sweetly, if it doesn’t help keep your legs on the back of their seat and push every few minutes!

Lovers: Couples, especially the honeymoon ones, always start with their PDA right in the plan. The kissing, cooing and smooching sounds can be very embarrassing.
Avoid: If you get a seat next to them stare till they don’t get conscious. Or if you are with a group just point your finger towards them and laugh will be an embarrassment for them.

Eater: The hogger can be the most annoying. They will carry a hearty and huge packed meal, if the flight allows it and ask the air hostess to heat it. Then there will be the consistent sound of munching. They are the people who will ask for some extra food in the in-flight meal too.
Avoid: Sadly you can’t do much except pray these people don’t get fartulence!

Snooper: He will constantly check out what you are doing, which book you are reading, how much you have eaten, etc. It can get pretty irritating, as this is not curiosity but nosy nature.
Avoid: Pick up those headphones and get ready for in-flight entertainment.

Over active children: Children can be awful travel company, they cry, vomit and the parents look haggard and embarrassed. But most children become excited at the prospect of being in a plane and they try to run in the aisles and kick constantly on seat backs.
Avoid: Ask the parents to intervene or change your seats.

The talli:People who generally drink before getting onboard and continue drinking (if alcohol is available) can be scary co-passengers. They become noisy, drunk and ask the attendants to serve them one drink after the other. Often they turn obscene, puke or sleep with snores!

Avoid: Tell the airhostess if you feel uncomfortable and change seats.

Have you met any of these airplane passengers?