Aahana at Jim Corbett is true vacation goals!

Why Aahana should be your first pick in Jim Corbett

Aahana resorts Jim Corbett
Aahana resorts Jim Corbett

Aahana is a luxury resort in the Jim Corbett and it stands out because amid the luxury there is a clear need to be ecologically significant.  Aahana is located in the lush plains of Corbett right next to Bijrani zone and the serenity that surround it makes you feel closer to nature.

We went for a 2 night stay and the luxurious stay made me recharge, the ambiance adding a salient peace to my stressful day to day life. Breakfast with a view, a spot of cycling, long lunches, afternoon siestas, bird watching, nature watching and bonfire made it the most amazing retreat ever.

What makes Aahana stand-out:


Aahana means the rays of the rising sun and the resort property gets those beautiful first rays. The green areas, around the property, a whopping 13.5 acres of land make it spacious and lush. They have made small Indian canopies where you can sit in the sun and relax in the evenings.

The best evenings with chai and pakoda's at Aahana
The best evenings with chai and pakoda’s at Aahana

They have a beautiful pool which has a stone encrusted waterfall on one side, the sound of the waterfall is beautiful especially in the peaceful surroundings.

The grand reception area at Aahana, Jim Corbett
The grand reception area at Aahana, Jim Corbett

The rooms at Aahana are all about luxury. The spacious rooms designed with a false thatched ceiling are opulent and with every facility required from a well stocked fridge to a beautiful bath. The bath which is engraved inside the floor is huge and opulent. Powered by a solar geyser, to reduce electricity wastage.

The food here is as good as it can get in Corbett, fuelled by their organic produce; it is fresh, low on salt and super healthy. While they do serve decadent foods like chocolate cakes, butter chicken but the chefs also make sure there are healthy options like organic greens, a multitude of dals and vegetables.

The magnificent buggy at Aahana
The magnificent buggy at Aahana

The Aahana family tries to make sure they help the local residents around the area and most of the recruits are from within the Corbett area. They also support two primary schools to educate the local children. Aahana also has its water waste management plant that cleans the water which is used by them to water the entire flora inside the property.

What all to do while at Aahana:

They have a special naturopathy center which doubles as their spa. I tried the jal neeti, eye wash and kunjal. I went up to the center at 7 in the morning and I have never felt more refreshed at early hours, my system felt cleaner, lighter and more active.

Kids area at Aahana
Kids area at Aahana

They have nature walks, bird-watching sessions twice a day. They also showcase a special Jim Corbett documentary every evening to tell you more about the reserve and its rich history. There is an option of cycling, an array of indoor sports, a kids play zone and an exotic buggy ride.

They also arrange for safari in the jungle, if the permits for the day are available.

In the evenings when the chill starts setting in, they set up a bonfire by the pool for you to experience the serene chilly evenings with some popcorn and peanuts.

Pick Aahana if you are looking for a lavish tranquil stay amid the Corbett chaos or if like me you want to get-away from the daily stress of life.

For bookings contact: http://www.aahanaresort.com/