Install your own super-hero ladies: An app for women safety

Since the present age is witnessing an increasing number of brutal crimes, the answer to the safety of amazing women who work during late hours, fluctuating shifts in BPOs or even as entrepreneur is a new app ‘Ziman’. This is not fictional as superman or batman, Ziman is your real life super hero. The electronic security giant Zicom took initiative to provide a finger tip security solution. It carries a flawless set of features which ensures safety by providing immediate help in case of emergency.

We had the opportunity to talk with Managing Director, Zicom Electronics Security Systems, Mr. Pramoud Rao. He is the face behind the innovative concept, e-SaaS, electronic security as a service. Honored with many national and international awards for serving security industry, Rao explains the structure and strategy behind Ziman.

Can explain us the motive and reason for the development of such an application?

In our day to day busy world, we often come across or overhear news and stories wherein kids have been attacked or abducted even from their own homes or after the school, sexual harassment of young girls and women, who travel late night. When we hear such news it is difficult for us to imagine and perceive that our dear ones could be in such hostile situations. Nonetheless, it is better to be safe than sorry. That’s the reason ‘Ziman’ mobile app by Zicom Electronics was developed to ensure giving the citizens new sense of security wherever they are or go.

Do you have any future plans to update the application?

The latest update is made on December 9, 2015. As of now there are no major updates so far. We are coming up with updates like referral and relevant. People can refer the application to their near and dear ones and will be rewarded for the same.

How do you distinguish your app as the unique app with ample of competition in the market?

Our motto is to provide best services to the customers, as they have invested their money and trust. We are not worried about competitors because the customer chooses a product or service based on the experience and the trust. As an organization, our job is to build trust.

What distinguishes our app from the other available apps in the market is that most of the apps only have automated alerts with no human element. Whereas, Zimanhas a Zicom Command Centre which works 24/7 x 365 days. It discretely alerts that you are in danger. Gets a call from ZCC in less than 15 seconds enquiring about your safety. If you are unable to answer, the service collects audio-video data and initiates appropriate emergency action.

Apart from women’s safety with Ziman, any other customers you looking forward to cater to?

With increasing number of crimes taking place in our everyday life, we look forward to cater to the needs of those in danger and crisis and help the police nab such criminals and assure for the safety of not only women and other gender but also senior citizens and kids.

How many people have downloaded the app?

Till date we have 35000 downloads.

Why is the user interface of Ziman as compared to the other applications in the market a complex and long process?

We understand that while using this app, you may not find major difference from other safety apps. There are apps which are almost intuitive and hardware based, they start working instantly as and when they listen to the scream or sense a shake. In Ziman, one needs to open screen lock of the mobile first, then find the logo from bunch of apps in the phone and then press it or alternatively, and then press power button more 5 times in order to create an alert. But the biggest difference is the Zicom Command Centre services which is only available in our app, the Command centre is a 24/7 assistance care which monitors & assist you once you triggered the alert. Pressing the power button 5 times and more is the simplest way to trigger an alert. We understand the complexity of the situation that’s why we are providing two options to trigger the alert. More over it has a human element service which guides you instantly once you are in trouble which no other apps have.

In today’s world women safety is of prime importance, how does an application make a difference in the long run?

We see many women traveling different places for their work at odd timings. With today’s unsafe conditions one may not able to gauge through the coming danger that would knock them down. Therefore, this application for their safety remains handy and helpful at the time of crisis. At present, we all are depended on applications. We have lot of applications for different purpose from hiring a taxi to ordering food online through mobile. So for their safety, one surely won’t mind keeping a safety application in their cell phone for themselves.

My review: As soon as you install this app you’ll be asked if you are a male or a female. Submit your blood group, city, Pin code, email id etc. and boooommmm . . . . You’re into the safety zone. Enter the three desired emergency contact numbers whom you wish to call during emergency, this app will notify them by sending SMS from your phone number (standard SMS charges apply). After entering these contacts, a home screen appears with an emergency button in the center. If you are stuck somewhere, press this button or press the power button more than three times, the app sends out an urgent message together with GPS location of the user to pre-selected contacts (Always keep your GPS on). At the same time, it also sends a SOS message to ZICOM Command Centre from where a call immediately goes to the victim for looking after the entire issue. If the Command Center does not get any response, it instantly initiates ‘Stealth Mode Intelligence Information Gathering’ for collecting current data through capturing snapshots from the front and rear camera, voice and video recording.

I pressed that Ziman icon for a check and immediately I received calls from my emergency contacts, it works, but what I feel that if I were actually in an emergency situation do I really be able to press power button 5 times? Or I’ll be able to find Ziman app from around 50 apps and then press the button?

Beside this, they ensure contacting the urgent emergency services like Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance for a person in distress and rescue him/her.

Also, if you find yourself nowhere in new place while traveling solo, Ziman is here, in your smartphone with an emergency map. It helps you to locate the nearest hospital or police station. Plus, it regularly provides you safety tips, which indeed alert your instincts.

But, the best thing about this app is the 24×7 command center availability, so from my side it is helpful and my rating is 3.5/5. User rating is 4.5/5.

Pramoud Rao - MD